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Action Sports

A list of my most recent work.


Directed, Shot, and Edited by Max Bingham

THE DAILIES designed to keep you updated about current projects.

JOBE Wake Team Trailer

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Max Bingham

A Promotional Teaser for JOBE Watersports.

12 Gauge Wakeskates Trailer

A quick teaser for 12 Gauge Wakeskates.

JOBE Fusion of Fun

A short web video I directed, shot, and produced for JOBE Watersports.  "Fusion of Fun" is the companies oldest slogan, and this video attempts to depict the lifestyle and feeling of that sentiment. The logo and title present in both corners at all times was requested by the client.

36 Hours in Tally

A trip made up to the Sprocket America Compound to see how their boards were made, and do a little riding in the process!

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